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Smart kitchen fixtures make cooking a breeze. (Photo Credits)

The smart home is taking households by storm. More and more homes are employing smart security, smart appliances, and smart gadgets that make homemaking, home maintenance and basically home life even more manageable. Builders and Contractors

The kitchen is no exception, with more and more digital kitchen appliances and fixtures that make food preparation easier, the smart kitchen is becoming a coveted house feature for new home builds, and renovations.

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One such kitchen fixture is a four door refrigerator that has a built in tablet, and can take photos inside the refrigerator as controlled from one’s mobile device. The website House Beautiful made a feature on Smart Kitchen Appliances that make life easier, and this refrigerator is one of those that has been mentioned in their online write-up.

“This is but one of Samsung’s line of smart fridges equipped with Family Hub and Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant. Family Hub is basically like having a tablet screen built into your fridge door that also works as a memo board, and you can all access it from your phones. Plus, the fridge has a built-in camera, so if you’re ever out at the grocery store wondering if you have enough eggs at home, you can just take a peek inside from your phone.”

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Smart Kitchen Gadgets

Another great kitchen appliance that is digitally connected, and can be controlled from a mobile device is the Smart Oven. explained the features of one of the techiest kitchen appliances there is and smart ovens is one of those appliances they mentioned in their write-up. Electricians

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“A smart oven and stove is the solution for a busy family juggling many activities. An app lets you defrost, bake and roast your food. Once it is cooked, the stove will adjust the temperature to keep the food warm. Remote cooking is also now possible. This allows you to check the progress of your meal and turn it off or on as needed. Then, if you want to clean your oven, your app may also allow for doing so remotely.”

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Another much coveted kitchen appliance that makes food preparation easier, and life in the kitchen less burdensome is the slow cooker. One Crazy House talked about the latest kitchen appliances that make life a breeze and the slow cooker ranked on the higher end of their list.

“Slow Cooker – This one is probably the one that will help you regain your sanity the most! Throw dinner in before you leave the house in the morning and come home to a perfectly cooked meal. I even grab the pre-packed dinner out of the freezer and throw it in without even thawing it. SO easy and amazing!”

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Food preparation is indeed easier with smarter kitchen appliances that can be operated through electricity and connected via wi-fi to one’s mobile device.

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