The importance of emergency lights

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Emergency lights are important in commercial properties. (Photo Credits)

Emergency lights are extremely important in residential buildings and commercial properties to ensure the safety of everyone during emergencies like power outages, fires, earthquakes, among others. It is important that these are safely installed so that it can function properly during the above-mentioned situations. came up with tips on safely installing emergency lighting systems. In their advice, they emphasized that it will always be best to hire the services of an electrician during the installation process. Master Electrician          

“When mounting an emergency light, it is important to consult an electrician if you are unfamiliar with the proper safety procedures.  An emergency light will be connected to the electrical wiring of a building or residence, so that it can sense when the power goes out.  In the event of an outage, or the tripping of a breaker, the unit will be signaled to come on and have ninety minutes of backup power to illuminate the path to an exit.”

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Emergency lighting safety

The Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) magazine also shared crucial information about emergency lighting. After safe installation, one of those aspects mentioned in their write-up is regular inspections to ensure that everything works great during emergencies. American Lighting Association        

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“An important part of all inspections is to make sure the heads have not moved and are aimed accurately. These emergency lights are simple to repair, and it is rarely necessary to purchase a whole new unit. Typically, when you push the test button and all lights fail to go on or are weak, it’s a sign new batteries are needed — but not always.”

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Related Electrical Repair and Installation Service also shared some tips on installing emergency evacuation lights. One of the tips they discussed in their write-up is to adhere to fire standards.

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“Guidelines for emergency lighting were created to improve visual conditions in the event of a fire or other emergency. If you own a commercial building, you must follow fire codes and standards. A fire protection contractor will be able to help you install lighted exit signs that improve the safety of your building. Fire codes and standards outline how long exit lights have to stay on during an emergency.”

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Emergency lights are indeed very helpful during crises situations.

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