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How to safely install a ceiling fan. (Photo Credits)

Installing a ceiling fan can be a good way to increase energy efficiency in a home. For one it helps circulate cool air during hot summer months, eliminating the need to increase the temperature in a room, which will increase the demand for power. Builders and Contractors 

The National Association of Home Builders has emphasized these advantages in one of the web articles that they published in their official website. Electricians 

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“Ceiling fans can help lower your electric bill by up to 30 to 40 percent. While a ceiling fan doesn’t actually decrease the temperature of a room, the draft makes the room feel cooler – allowing you to raise the thermostat and be just as comfortable.”

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Ceiling fan safety

But are ceiling fans really safe to use? US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health has published data on the occurrence of Ceiling Fain Blade injuries, and have concluded that safety awareness is important since this type of accidents is preventable.

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“The causes of fan-blade head injury included jumping on the upper bunk of a bunk-bed, climbing on a ladder, climbing up onto a table, and being lifted by an adult. Thirteen patients were injured by ceiling fans and one by falling onto an uncovered table fan. School-aged boys were the predominant victims.”

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Since not all homes already come with a ceiling fan, installing it safely is a must.

The website Perfect for Home has mentioned several safety tips to keep in mind when installing Ceiling Fans. One of the tips they emphasized is to ensure that there is enough support that can hold the ceiling fan stably.

“One of the main reasons why most people consider these fans unsafe is the fact that some do break free from the ceiling. To deal with such a problem, it is advisable to make sure the fan is supported by an electrical junction box that has been listed for that use. Additionally, a fan brace box will also need to be installed.”

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If unsure as to how to safely install ceiling fans, one should seek the professional services of a licensed electrician contractor. An electrician knows how to safely assemble and install home ceiling fans.

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