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Holiday lights

Holiday lighting design trends can vary year after year, but string lights will always be a classic. (Photo Credits)

Most families decorate for the holiday. Some may not decorate as much as the others, but still a décor is a décor, and these all come out during the holiday season.

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Lights play a huge role in holiday decorating, especially outside the home. Trends upon trends take place, year after year, but the fact remains – string lights are here to stay.

Home Decorating website shared holiday decorating ideas that are trending across the United States. One of their ideas apparently puts a steroid or rather an innovation in the classic holiday string lights – Solar String Lights. Build Safe

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“These Innoo Tech Solar String lights are a beautiful option for adding some light to your patio, deck or other outside gathering space. The whimisical globe lights smit a soft amber glow and perfect for relaxing under the stars. These solar lights are weather-resistant and are prepared to cold rain or snowy conditions. These lights can also be used indoors which lends some creative decoration opportunities in spaces with natural light.”

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The comeback

The website Signature Landscapes meanwhile shared some decorating trends, and in its web feature it mentioned that colorful Christmas bulbs are making a comeback. Electrician           

“Over the past several years white (well, technically clear) lights have been the go-to lighting design, but we’re seeing a throwback to traditional multi-colored lights. Run multicolored lights along your home’s fascia or roof edge.  Spruce up shrubs with color blocks of all red or green.  Illuminate walkways and paths with colorful ground lighting. If you’re not ready to go with an all-color lighting scheme; just add a pop of color to a tree or shrub.   You’ll find that colored bulbs are more festive and give your home a custom look.”

Check out the rest of their holiday decorating ideas here.

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Digital Trends meantime shared how high-tech holiday lights can be given the digital generation. One of the technologies they mentioned in their write-up is a smart plug for Christmas Lights that help the owner light up or turn off the lights using his smart phone.

“Setup is simple. Insert the smart plug into a nearby outlet, then connect your Christmas lights to the passthrough socket. Download the TP-Link Kasa app (available for iOS and Android) and connect the smart plug to your Wi-Fi network.”

Check out the whole write-up here.

Of course, safety should always be a foremost consideration when decorating during the holidays. When unsure about how to install, then seeking for a licensed electrician’s services is the most logical thing to do.

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