Dump or Recycle?

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How should old electrical appliances be disposed? (Photo Credits)

Like anything else in the world, appliances also become obsolete. And when they do become no longer useful, they should be disposed of. But how should a homeowner go about this?

It actually depends on the community that the homeowner is part of. Some communities do have a recycling programs, while others do not have. There are areas that may have been set up to accept old appliances as donations but it has to be brought there by the owner, while others may offer a pick-up service for a minimal fee.

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Cooking website Kitchn.com mentioned several possible ways to get rid of old appliances, regardless if they are working or not.

“If that old fridge or range still runs but you either don’t get any buyers or are feeling altruistic, you may be able to donate a usable large appliance to a Habitat ReStore, Salvation Army, or other charitable organization — and get a tax deduction.”

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Recycling old appliances

Tech website CNET.com also shared some of the possible ways to painlessly get rid off old appliances. In the article, the author acknowledged the fact that some homeowners may get burdened about disposing old appliances since it takes up space in the house and at the same time, it may be a pain to haul off. Electricians

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“The easiest way to recycle your old appliance is by buying your new one from a store that offers recycling services. Best Buy, for example, has a program that picks up the old appliance when the new one is delivered for a small fee. If shopping at major appliance chains isn’t your thing, or you’re not buying a new appliance, go small. Many small appliance companies also offer this service, even if you don’t buy a new appliance from them. I’ve found that small appliance repair shops are the best places to call. Since picking up an old unit is a great way to get free parts for repairing newer units, and it builds a rapport with the community, many shops are more than happy to help if you ask.”

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The website BudgetDumpster meanwhile suggested that renting a dumpster can be a hassle-free way to dispose all old appliances including other home trash that should be dumped following a major clean up, renovation or kitchen upgrade. Builders and Contractors

“A roll off dumpster is an easy way to get rid of appliances and other junk from around the house. Simply load your items into the bin and call back when you’re finished to have it all hauled away. Plus, you can hang onto your container for as long as needed to finish your project. Since you can also use a roll off dumpster to throw away other items along with your old appliances, this option is great for home cleanouts or kitchen renovations.”

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Disposing old appliances properly should what every homeowner should go for, It is best for the environment, and at the same time it takes clutter out of homes.

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