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Light switches have come a long way since it was traditionally flipped. (Photo Credits)

Light switches has come a long way, and year after year it has evolved into something more advance than anyone can ever imagine. Modern homes made for smart lights that actually did not need flipping, switching or pressing. It detects motion such that it turns on when someone walks into a room. But what is in store for the future of light switches?

Tech website Digital Trends has rounded up several smart switches, any modern home may need. One of the switches they mentioned in their write-up is the Leviton Decora Smart In-Wall Switch with Wi-Fi. Build Safe

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“The no-frills design of this light switch makes it perfect for someone who is just beginning the process of upgrading their home to “smart” status. The large paddle switch is no-nonsense and straightforward, and the small toggle on the right-hand side makes it easy to adjust the brightness in increments. Thanks to a row of LEDs, you’ll know how much dimmer or brighter you can go. There’s also a small LED on the bottom of the switch, so you’ll be able to find it in the dark — although it’s not so bright as to disturb your sleep.”

Check out the rest of the write-up here.

Convenient Light Switches

Better Homes and Gardens also came up with an online article on modern light switches that can just be super convenient, not to mention energy efficient for a homeowner. One of those they mentioned are the vacancy-sensing light switches. Electrician         

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“Occupancy switches automatically turn the lights on when you enter and off when you leave. The energy savings are great, but so is not having to set down that load of laundry to fumble with the switch. Vacancy sensors, however, rely on you to turn them on but automatically turn themselves off when you — or your forgetful child — leave. $22 and up”

The rest of their recommendations can be found here.

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Popular tech shopping website also came up with suggestions on the best smart switches available in the market. One of their recommendations is The WeMo Wifi Light Switch that can even process weather information.

“This device can be programmed to turn your fan on for you just before you get home so you arrive to fresh, circulated air, without the headache of the hot box of heat. We love the IFTTT Weather Recipe that this device can create. Essentially, you can program the device to know that if it rains, do X, or if it reached a certain temperature, do Y. It’s truly smart, connected functionality. Although there are tweaks to be made to the app, the WeMo is our pick for the top spot because it seems to offer so much more than other devices on the market, like IFTTT and advanced scheduling features.”

The rest of its outstanding features, plus the other suggestions can be found here.

Light switches have been more and more modern, and the good thing about it is its help up the convenience and emergency efficiency levels inside the home.

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