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It may look all normal but the trouble with electrical issues is they prop up when a homeowner least expects it. (Photo Credits)

A home may look perfect, but without careful and regular electrical maintenance a homeowner will never know about electrical issues are in the offing until the trouble happens already. Brewing electrical concerns are best caught even before it wreaks havoc. And one of the best ways to catch it is through a routine professional electrical inspection done on a yearly basis.

Fortunately there are also clues that homeowners can watch out for that would indicate brewing trouble. American Lighting Association   

Home improvement website The Family Handyman says one of the red flags that homeowners should watch out for is hot outlet plates. In their web post on signs homeowners should watch out for in their homes that could indicate electrical trouble, hot plates ranked first.

“Many electrical appliances generate heat during operation. However, the outlet itself should never get hot. If you notice heat at an outlet, immediately unplug any cords and do not use the outlet until you can troubleshoot the issue. Switch cover plates should be treated in the same way, with one exception: Dimmer switches commonly get warm to the touch, since they are dissipating the excess electrical energy in order to create the dimming effect. However, even dimmer switch cover plates should never be uncomfortably hot to the touch.”

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Angie’s List meanwhile shared that a Burning Odor should never be shrugged off especially if the homeowner sees no reason for his home to be emitting such. An urgent call to an electrician or emergency services is definitely warranted. Master Electrician

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“If you notice a burning odor coming from any outlets or switches, turn the power off at the electrical panel. Contact a qualified electrician for appropriate repairs. The problem may be a faulty device, but it could also be a wiring or overload problem. A burning smell is a serious issue because it could indicate the start of an electrical fire. Receptacles or connected electrical cords that are warm to the touch are also a sign of an electrical problem. Do not use the receptacle until the situation has been repaired.”

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Another tell-tale sign of a brewing trouble according to electrical experts is a frequent blowing of fuses at home. In an article safety website mentioned this as one of the danger signs households should be aware of.

“Frequently blown fuses or tripped breakers. Circuit breakers and fuses are designed to fail as a way to prevent overloading. If a vacuum cleaner or hair dryer routinely trips a breaker regardless of where you plug it in, the appliance is the likely culprit. But if using a single outlet causes you to blow the same fuse repeatedly, the circuit is probably overloaded. Call in a pro to discuss upgrading the circuit or adding a new line.”

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Homeowners should indeed be aware of warning signs that point to electrical problems so that these would no longer cause inconvenience or harm to their household.

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