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electrician's advice on electrical wiring problems.

Electrical wiring issues should always be taken very seriously. (Image by Sid74 from Pixabay)

Electrical wiring problems are not something to shrug off. It could be very dangerous to both the household members and can pose possible destruction to property. Expert electricians say it is crucial that each household member is aware of the signs of electrical wiring problem so that they can immediately refer the matter to a licensed professional.

Family and home website has discussed the possible repercussions of an electrical wiring problem. In the article that they posted, they also shared the signs that point out to electrical wiring trouble. One of the symptoms they mentioned is sparking outlet or breaker box. American Lighting Association

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“This is never a good sign. How you deal with it depends on where it’s coming from. If a breaker panel, fuse box or outlet is sparking, get an electrician in ASAP. But a sparking appliance may mean that the fixture itself is damaged, in which case you should call an appliance repairperson. He can test the appliance and usually the outlet that powers it as well.”

The full write-up can be found here.

Signs of trouble

Home improvement website also mentioned several red flags that indicate a serious wiring issue at home. One of the red flags he discussed in his blog post is dimming or flickering lights. He also mentioned loose connections. Master Electrician

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“Over time, the connections between electrical wires and switches or outlets can loosen. Check to make sure that all outlet covers and switch plates are in good condition and that the wires inside are secure. Replace any missing, cracked, or broken plates promptly.”

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The Family Handyman meanwhile shared signs of a significant electrical problem, and one of the things mentioned in the write-up is outdated wiring. According to the article, outdated wiring can cause home fires, among other electrical problems.

“In the late ’60s and early ’70s, high copper prices led home builders to run electrical service using single-strand aluminum wire. Laboratory tests had shown that aluminum wire was a suitable replacement for copper, so it seemed like a good way to keep costs low. The problem was that exposed aluminum oxidizes far more rapidly than copper, building up heat and leading to fire risks.”

The article was originally posted here.

A home’s electrical wiring system should be well-maintained to ensure the safety of the whole household.

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