DIY Halloween lights

Jack O'Lanterns II

Here’s a guide on installing lights in a jack-o-lantern. (Photo Credits)

One of Halloween’s most famous symbols is the jack-o-lantern.  Usually depicted as a carved out pumpkin with eyes that are lighting up, most parents will be prodded by their children to do a similar project come Halloween season.

While candles is one of the ways to illuminate the jack-o-lantern, it may not be the safest way. tells us why, as it published a comprehensive tutorial on how to install a light inside a carved out pumpkin. Builders and Contractors  

“A few years ago one of our neighbors had a few jack-o’-lanterns in spirit of halloween. Like everyone he used candles to light them up and give them that original halloween glow! One pumpkin actually caused a few dry leaves to catch fire. Thankfully it wasn’t anything major and no one was hurt and because of that it led me to go searching in some alternative methods. I found an easy way to give jack-o’-lanterns a great glow without the risk of a fire. Now it is rare that one will cause a fire but it does run a small risk. Also using this small and easy method you can keep your pumpkin lit up all night and never have to worry! Peace of mind is always a good thing.”

Electrician sheds light on Ambient Lighting

Get the tutorial here.

Step-by-step tutorial

The website Holiday Party Guide came up with six ways to light up a pumpkin without a candle. Electricians 

“A pumpkin light stand is super practical! A bright light bulb is built right into the base, plus you get all of the benefits of having a protective stand to place your carved pumpkin on. There’s a 6-foot cord that makes it easy to turn on and off the light, or you could plug it into a light timer and never have to worry about turning on/off your lighted pumpkin every night.”

Electrician’s Take on Recessed Lighting

Read the rest of the ways here.

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Popular Science meanwhile shared ways to raise the bar higher on a Do-it-yourself jack-o-lantern.

Oozing Pumpkin is part of the list that they published.

“With minimal household materials, get maximum gross-out effect: This pumpkin project is basically a grade-school volcano experiment, but with a spooky twist. Adding food coloring, water, dish soap, and baking soda to a grimacing Jack before pouring in the vinegar turns an otherwise boring pumpkin into an oozefest.”

Check out the DIY Procedure here.

Safely lighting jack-o-lanterns indeed make Halloween celebrations even more fun.

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