Ambient Lighting 101

Passive Daylighting

Ambient lighting can set the mood, and even influence productivity in any room. (Photo Credits)

Ambient lighting can do a lot in terms of influencing how a room, or a home would generally look and feel like. With this in mind, every property owner who is building a home, or remodeling their house should always take ambient lighting into consideration. Builders and Contractors 

But what is ambient lighting, really?

The American Lighting Association defined the term in their official website. “Also known as general lighting, it radiates a comfortable level of brightness without glare and allows you to see and walk about safely. In some spaces such as laundry rooms, the ambient lighting also serves as the primary source of task lighting. It can be accomplished with chandeliers, ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures, recessed or track lights and with lanterns mounted on the outside of the home. Having a central source of ambient light in all rooms is fundamental to a good lighting plan.”

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House Beautiful also offered more tips on ensuring a great ambient lighting at home. Electricians         

“Lighting can also do wonders for your mood, mind and wellbeing, playing a real role in boosting your brains and helping you feel more optimistic. Interior design experts at luxury furniture and home accessories brand, OKA, have revealed some lighting secrets for every room of your home to help maximise the use of light in your space. While a well-lit living room will make you feel happier, a darker, softer lit dining room will encourage you to eat well.”

Electrician’s Take on Recessed Lighting

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For its part, came up with useful tips meant for ensuring great ambient lighting at home.

Electrician’s tips in installing Holiday Lights

“Let personal preference guide you. If you are drawn to rich, warm colors, or your home is traditional or Arts and Crafts style, lighting that mimics incandescent or even candlelight may be desirable. A modern or contemporary home might look better with cooler-temperature (whiter) lighting. Lighting experts draw on a toolbox of techniques to elevate look and functionality, but don’t overlook the basics.”

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Ambient lighting should indeed be well-planned and well-designed to be fully maximized and provide the desired feel anywhere at home.

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