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recessed lighting

The pros and cons of using recessed lighting. (Photo Credits)

For homeowners who are eyeing a more perfect-looking ceiling, recessed lighting becomes one of the coolest options to consider.

But what are really the pros and cons of having this type of lighting for one’s property?

The website The Spruce shared information on what any homeowner would like to know about recessed lights. From pros and cons, where best to use them and such. Build Safe 

“Recessed lights are metal light housings that install above the ceiling line.  Except for thin trim and part of the inner baffle, no part of the light is visible. Also known as can lights or downlights, they require extensive ceiling wiring.  However, the junction boxes allow for light-to-light connections.  This means that you are running only one cable, not several.”

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Choosing Recessed Lighting

Do It also came up with y6et a comprehensive article on recessed lights, specifically the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing LED recessed lights in a property. Electrician 

“LED recessed lighting is quickly becoming a popular option for lighting fixtures in homes. Once you have made the decision to install recessed wall lights, you will need to decide which type of bulbs you will want in your new lighting fixtures. As with any designing or construction decision you will make on your home, LED lighting comes with a host of pros and cons that you will want to carefully consider before you make the decision to go with LED lighting.”

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Recessed lighting though, like any lighting fixtures, also have its own set of disadvantages.

SF Gate enumerated the cons of recessed lighting, and difficult installation topped its list.

“Recessed lighting receptacles nestle in the empty spaces in your ceiling. The wiring connecting the receptacles to your home’s electrical system also runs between the joists in the ceiling. As a result, installing a series of recessed lights likely will require cutting holes in your ceiling in various places. For example, you’ll have to cut a hole large enough to allow you to attach the receptacle frames to the joists. Also, running the wiring from light to light across your ceiling might require more holes. Consequently, completing the project will require significant ceiling repairs.”

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Recessed lighting indeed has its own pros and cons. It will be best to be informed about these advantages and disadvantages in order to arrive at an informed decision.

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