Festive Solar Lights

Holiday lights

Christmas decorations need not be expensive to light up. (Photo Credits)

Festive Decorations can really be a wonderful addition to any home especially during the yuletide season. The only disadvantage though is the increase in electric bill that it causes as energy is used to illuminate them.

There however is a work around in this, and it is to utilize solar power.

House Logic summarized the advantages and disadvantages of using solar powered Christmas Lights. American Lighting Association 

“No extension cords. No need for exterior electrical outlets. Withstand cold temperatures and precipitation. Zero cost to operate.    Light output comparable to plug-in lighting. Green option.”

Electrician sheds light on Ambient Lighting

As for the disadvantages, it mentioned that the lights may not illuminate when there is not enough sunlight during cloudy days.

Read the continuation here.

Other Christmas Decors

The website Not Martha meantime published a tutorial on how to make a solar-powered Holiday Wreath. Master Electrician  

“In order to avoid having a wire coming out of the wreath I tucked the solar panel right into the wreath itself. The solar panel came with a removable spike, meant to anchor it into the ground, which we won’t need. In order to attach the solar panel to the wreath I created loops using duct tape. They aren’t pretty but they won’t be seen. Then I wired it so that it sits in the bottom of the inside of the wreath, mostly hidden behind branches.”

Electrician’s tips in installing Holiday Lights

Read the whole procedure here.

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Ehow.com for its part came up with a guide on how to convert existing traditional-powered Christmas string lights into solar powered holiday lights.

“Using solar power to operate your outdoor Christmas lights is an environmentally friendly and money saving project. By converting your current Christmas lights to run off solar power you will be able to enjoy your Christmas lights without increasing your electric bill. You could purchase solar powered Christmas lights, but they are expensive. You can also convert your outdoor lighting system to solar power allowing you to enjoy the use of solar power in your outdoor living space all year long.”

Read the step-by-step procedure here.

Using solar-powered Holiday decorations are both pocket and eco-friendly.

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