Wiring problems


Wiring problems should be addressed for safety purposes. (Photo Credits)

Frayed wiring can be inevitable and dangerous at the same time. It has to be repaired as soon as the issue is discovered to avoid accidents and injuries.

CNET.com shared ways on how to deal with frayed cables. American Lighting Association

“You can take your time neatly wrapping the cable to reinforce it, but the best way to prevent any more damage is to wrap the split or fraying part of the cable several times with electrical tape, then work your way out from that spot. This immobilizes any breaks in the cable and helps prevent further damage. Just don’t expect it to last forever.”

Electrician’s Tips on Fixing a Defective Light Switch

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Damaged wires

The website The Spruce also detailed ways to fix damaged insulated cables. Master Electrician   

“When working on old wiring in your home it is important to inspect the condition of the wiring’s insulation. The insulation used on old wiring can fray and become brittle, literally crumbling in your hand as the wire conductor is moved. In the above photo you can see how the insulation is brittle and wiring is actually exposed. This condition is very dangerous and can create short circuits and fire hazard. Ordinarily, you can just wrap 2 or 3 wraps of electrical tape around the damaged area.”

Electrician’s Tips in Installing a Dimmer Switch

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This Old House meantime mentioned about aluminum wiring.

“Retrofit a dielectric wire nut approved for aluminum wire (a pair sells for less than $1) onto each copper/aluminum connection in light fixtures. These nuts have a special grease that stops corrosion while maintaining conductivity. Make sure any replacement switches and receptacles are labeled AL-compatible.”

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Frayed cables should be dealt with as soon as possible. If unsure of what to do, get in touch with an expert electrician contractor.


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