Easy ways to put up a chandelier

Light #2 is up! The chandelier!

If unsure about how to install a chandelier, a professional electrician’s help should be sought. (Photo Credits)

Installing a chandelier can be quite challenging, especially to those who may not have enough experience in working around the house.

Moreover, this type of light fixture is not the normal type as improper installation can be a safety hazard.

This Old House came up with a very comprehensive guide on installing chandeliers. Builders and Contractors         

“In many ways, this installation is similar to replacing other types of light fixtures, except for one significant difference: Standard electrical boxes have a maximum load rating of 50 pounds. Most full-size chandeliers are too heavy to hang from a standard box. Therefore, if your new fixture weighs more than 50 pounds, you must install an appropriate support system.”

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The Family Handyman also came up with a tutorial in hanging chandeliers and other lighting fixtures. It however was quick to remind its readers about the safety precautions they should observe in undertaking such a project. Electricians   

“If you know your wiring was installed before 1985, don’t use fixtures requiring 90-degree–rated supply wires. To confirm that you have 90-degree–rated supply wire, look at the cable jacket or wire insulation. If you have plastic sheathed cable (often referred to as Romex), look for the letters NM-B or UF-B printed on the plastic sheath. If your wiring is fed through conduit, look on the wire insulation for the letters THHN or THWN-2. If you’re still unsure, either call an electrician or choose a fixture that isn’t labeled with a supply wire temperature requirement.”

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SF Gate for its part shared a guide on how to install particularly heavy lighting fixtures.

“A heavy ceiling light fixture, like a large chandelier or ceiling fan, requires a sturdy brace to support its weight. The drywall or plaster of the ceiling is not strong enough to support the weight of the heavy fixture. While metal and plastic support braces are available, a wooden support brace can be cut and added between ceiling joists that provides ample strength for mounting a heavy ceiling light fixture or ceiling fan.”

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When unsure about lighting fixture installations, always seek the services of professional electrician contractors.

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