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What to do with a defective light switch. (Photo Credits)

Light Switches are very important in any home. They enable homeowners the convenience of not having to plug something over and over again. This is the reason why when these switches falter, it becomes a huge hassle for any homeowner.

House Logic gave a low down on the different types of light switches, and what it takes to replace them.

“A single-pole light switch costs less than $6 to replace. Go for a rocker switch that’s easy to use and adds sensible universal design to your home. Three-way switches let you control the same light from two different locations. When you flip one switch to the on position, the other switch is simultaneously moved to the on position. A three-way switch also will cost less than $6.”

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Replacing a Light Switch

The website Home Tips meantime gave a step-by-step instructional guide on how to replace a single pole light switch. American Lighting Association 

“After shutting off the power to the switch, use a screwdriver to remove the plastic faceplate and to unscrew the existing switch from the electrical box. Pull the switch outward without touching any bare wires. Use an electrical tester to check the wires that go to the existing switch (or the new wires that are intended for the switch) so you can be sure they are not active. Place one probe on the bare ground wire inside the box and touch the other probe on each of the wired screw terminals of the switch or the bare end of the black wire that will carry electricity to the switch. No voltage should register.”

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SF Gate for its part gave detailed instructions on repairing a faulty light switch.

“Note the symptoms of the faulty switch. If the light flickers or shines dimly, there is probably a loose connection on the switch or inside it. If the lights don’t come on at all, however, the circuit power may be off. Make sure the breaker controlling the switch is on, then look around the house for tripped GFI outlets and reset any you find. This simple procedure may solve the problem.”

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When in doubt about how to fix a wall or light switch, calling a qualified electrician contractor is the best and safest route. Master Electrician

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