Selecting Energy Efficient Home Equipment

GE GSH25JSDSS Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Energy efficiency should be achieved at home. (Photo Credits)

An energy efficient home is something that most homeowners would like to achieve, whether consciously or unconsciously. This is because an energy efficient home is beneficial for both the homeowner and the environment.

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It is beneficial for the homeowner because it would be easy to use, and does not consume too much electricity, lowering their power bills. At the same time, energy efficient appliances are beneficial to the environment because it means lower carbon footprint.

The Australian Government’s website Your Home underscored this point in its website meant to raise environmentally sustainable homes. Builders and Contractors     

“Household appliances and equipment account for about 33% of energy consumption and about 45% of greenhouse gas emissions in the average household. Projected average home energy use in 2012 — actual energy use varies from state to state (particularly with climate) and from home to home depending on the appliances in the home and how they are used. They make up one of the four main areas of energy usage in your home. The others are covered in: Heating and cooling; Hot water service; Lighting. Careful selection of appliances and equipment can save money and reduce environmental impact without compromising lifestyle.”

Read their appliance buying guide here.

Energy Star

The US Department of Energy meantime explained the concept of Energy Star ratings in guiding consumers into choosing the right appliances for them. Electricians             

“ENERGY STAR® Refrigerators Are Cool! ENERGY STAR-qualified refrigerators use 15% less energy than non-qualified models. Models with top-mounted freezers use 10%-25% less energy than side-by-side or bottom-mount units. You can save energy in your kitchen through more efficient use of your dishwasher, refrigerator and freezer, and other common appliances.”

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UK-Based British Gas meanwhile shared a list of appliances that are cheapest to run, and those that are most expensive, in the hopes of helping homeowners choose which equipment to purchase.

“What are the least expensive to use appliances in my house? Based on a study of everyday household appliances, microwave ovens, gas ovens and A-rated washing machines are some of the lowest producers of carbon dioxide, averaging 50kg per year or less. They are also the cheapest appliances to run, all costing approximately £12 per year.[2] What are the most expensive appliances in my house? At the other end of the scale, the study revealed that the most expensive appliances to run are the fridge freezer, the electric hob and the electric tumble dryer. These all produce between 129kg and 175kg of C02 every year, with average running costs of between £30 and £40 per annum.”

Read the continuation here.

Choosing the right appliances will ensure energy efficiency in a home.

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