The Benefits of a Dimmer Switch

I installed that dimmer switch.

Installing a dimmer switch at home. (Photo Credits)

Dimmer switches can be very useful around the home, and it is more so appealing to execute accent lighting around the house. American Lighting Association

The website How Stuff Works explains how dimmers function. “When you’re furnishing a home, light is everything. The light level in a room dictates what you can and can’t do, and it has a huge effect on how you feel. You can’t read very easily by a single candle, for example, and a romantic dinner for two isn’t so romantic under a 1,500-watt halogen lamp. The problem is that people need to use some rooms for multiple purposes, and these different functions call for varying amounts of light. Enter the dimmer switch, a handy electrical component that lets you adjust light levels from nearly dark to fully lit by simply turning a knob or sliding a lever.”

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Dimmer Switch Installation Guide

Family Handyman offered a step-by-step instructional guide on how to install dimmer switches, complete with photos and a summary of needed materials and tools. Master Electrician     

“The tools you’ll need are inexpensive and will come in handy for all your electrical projects. You’ll need a screwdriver, wire stripper, inexpensive voltage tester and needle-nose pliers to install a dimmer. To begin, turn off the power and double-check for hot wires in the box. Turn on the light and have a helper watch as you switch off the circuit breakers, or unscrew the fuses one at a time until the light goes out. Leave this circuit turned off while you work.”

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The DIY Network also shared its own version of dimmer switch installation guide.

“Installing a dimmer switch is just as easy as installing a single-pole switch, and adjustable overhead lighting is a great improvement that adds appeal to any home. Turn off the power to the circuit at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Double check to ensure that it was turned off by flipping the switch in an attempt to operate a light, and by using a voltage tester to confirm that the wires in the box are not charged once the switch plate has been removed.”

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When unsure about installing a dimmer switch, one can always hire the services of a licensed electrician contractor.

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