Keeping Pets Safe

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Pets should also be kept safe from the dangers of electrical shocks. (Photo Credits)

Electrical accidents spare no one. Not even pets. Hence, it is just important that if a homeowner has pets, these domestic animals should also be kept safe from the possible harm electrical accidents may bring.

British website Safer Pets emphasized that animals that are being cared for at home should be protected from the dangers of electrocution. American Lighting Association 

“Electrical shock is a serious emergency and any animal that has suffered a shock must be rushed to the veterinarian immediately. The symptoms include burns, difficulty breathing, abnormal heart rhythm, loss of consciousness – all of which if left untreated could result in death. For example, if a puppy chews on an electrical cord and receives a shock, its mouth will be severely burned, followed by inflammation and peeling of the tissues. The electrical current may also travel into its body and cause damage to the lungs, which then fill with fluid, effectively “drowning” the puppy if left untreated. Remember, before you approach any animal which has been injured by electrical shock, make sure there is no danger to yourself from live wires or electric fires.”

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Prioritizing Pet Safety

The Electrical Safety Foundation also came up with a guide in preventing home fires and electrical shocks on pets. Master Electrician 

“According to the American Kennel Club, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected by home fires every year. Nearly 1,000 of these home fires are accidentally started by the homeowners’ pets. The stove or cook top is the most common piece of equipment involved in fires started by pets. Taking steps to keep your pet safe from fires is an important part of being a responsible pet owner.”

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UK-based website Electrical Safety also shared their own safety pointers to pet owners who want to keep their pets safe from electrical-related injuries.

Frayed Wiring and Electrician

“Here are some simple steps that you can take to reduce the risk of electrical fires in your home. Make sure that plug sockets are not overloaded – if too many appliances draw power from one socket, it can overheat and catch fire. Never leave washing machines or dishwashers running when you are out of the house or asleep. Don’t plug a mobile phone in to charge and then forget about it.”

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Every home occupant should be kept safe against electrical injuries, and that includes pets.

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