Prevent electrical accidents among the elderly

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Electrical Safety is Important for the elderly especially if they live on their own. (Photo Credits)

Electrical injuries are not uncommon among older people. And this is the reason why electrical safety precautions should be taken to prevent accidents.

UK-Based Electrical Safety.Org explained why senior citizens are more vulnerable to electrical injuries. Builders and Contractors

“Electrical accidents in the home can pose a more significant risk to older or vulnerable people. This is often due to old or poor quality housing that contains faulty electrics and appliances.  Our statistics show that one million people over 75 live in homes that are not warm enough, are in a state of disrepair or do not have modern facilities. These homes can be dangerous as they don’t meet basic electrical safety standards, and don’t include life-saving devices such as a modern fusebox, circuit breakers and PVC wiring. Sometimes a health condition such as dementia or Parkinson’s can increase the risk of an electrical accident, as these conditions cause reduced mobility and memory.”

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Tips for safer homes

The website Care Giver’s Voice meantime shared some tips to ensure senior safety at home. Electricians

“Check cords, outlets, switches and appliances for signs of damage. Do not use electrical devices that have exposed wiring, signs of burn near plugs, or other indications of damage. Look and listen for warning signs of an electrical problem. Contact a licensed electrician if you observe problems with outlets or switches that are warm or make crackling, sizzling, or buzzing noises, or if you see flickering or dimming lights. Never run electrical cords under rugs or carpets. They could pose a dangerous tripping hazard.”

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The International Association of Home Inspectors meanwhile gave a checklist on elderly home safety.

“A bulb of too high a wattage or the wrong type may lead to fire through overheating. Ceiling fixtures, recessed lights, and “hooded” lamps will trap heat. Replace with a bulb of the correct type and wattage. (If you do not know the correct wattage, use a bulb no larger than 60 watts.)”

Print the checklist here.

Getting to know the safety measures to implement in a home where a senior person resides creates a safer environment for the elderly.

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