Electrical safety in the kitchen


The importance of kitchen safety in electricity. (Photo Credits)

The kitchen is one of the most used part of a home. It also uses much electricity given the equipment and appliances that are essential to food preparation.

Kitchen fires are one of the causes of home fires and so every property owner should be aware of safety precautions that need to be observed in the kitchen.

The Electrical Safety Foundation shared in its official website tips that will ensure kitchen safety especially those that make regular use of electric kitchen appliances and gadgets. American Lighting Association 

“Plug counter top appliances into GFCI-protected outlets. Locate all appliances away from the sink.

Keep appliance cords away from hot surfaces like the range or toaster.Unplug the toaster and other counter top appliances when not in use.”

Electrician Conserving Electricity in the Kitchen

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More Electrical Safety Tips

Australian Government’s COMCARE also shared more electrical safety tips in and around the kitchen. Master Electrician 

“As required have electrical appliances inspected and tested on a regular basis and record this information. Where equipment is identified for repair, it should be immediately removed from service and appropriately labelled to prevent further use. Consider installing a safety switch on power supply.”

Electrician’s Tips in Installing a Dimmer Switch

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The Electrical Safety Authority emphasized that prevention is key when it comes to avoiding kitchen fires and electrical problems.

“If you have a traditional coil element stove, you need to be extra careful. Their elements heat up to 700 degrees Celcius, much hotter than ceramic top, induction or gas stoves. Traditional coil element electric stoves cause the greatest proportion of fires. “

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Safety in the kitchen can mean the safety of everyone in the whole household.

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