Lighting and Electrical Work Outside the home

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Electrical work outside the house should be done professionally. (Photo Credits)

Outdoor lighting and electrical work are essential to every home that has a lawn, a patio, or a garden. It means having adequate lighting, and an option to relax outdoors or entertain some company.

But Do-It-Yourself electrical work can be unsafe, especially outside the home where the fixtures are exposed to different weather conditions. Home improvement website, Family Handyman has shared several suggestions on electrical lighting for the outdoors. Builders and Contractors

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“To prevent accidental cutting of wiring for ground-level fixtures, install wiring after your landscape has been planted. That way you won’t accidentally chop through it with a shovel. Also, don’t install wiring in digging areas like garden beds, and be sure to bury the low-voltage wire at least 6 in. below the surface.”

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Better Homes and Gardens also provided tips for those who may want to accentuate their landscapes lawn and garden through outdoor lighting. One of their suggestions is to ensure appropriate lighting that is enough to light up the area. Electricians

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“Too much light, or poorly installed lighting, can create unwanted light pollution that shines into indoor rooms, washes out the view of the stars, creates glare that temporarily blinds people, and wastes energy and money. To avoid light pollution: Aim lights carefully. Position lights at night and check their position frequently.”

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Home improvement website also shared some outdoor lighting tips. One of the points they discussed in their feature write-up is lighting for aesthetics and security.

“Bright lights that wash a house or columns not only add drama, but also security, as outdoor lighting can be a huge deterrent for would-be burglars, Wong explains. There are loads of options that help boost security, from Wi-Fi-controlled LED light bulbs that can be controlled remotely to motion-sensor lights with distance and size controls. It’s also important to bear in mind that lighting for security is all about location, primarily the front door, driveway, and garage.”

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When unsure as to how to proceed with outdoor lighting and electrical work, homeowners should seek the professional services of a licensed electrician contractor.

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