Malfunctioning Electric Meter

Electric Meter

Electric meters should be checked regularly to ensure its accuracy. (Photo Credits)

Electric meters have to be fully-accurate to ensure that utility bills remain to be accurate as well. But like any other mechanical fixture, there are instances where it can malfunction, and a malfunctioning electric meter will never be kind to the wallet.

So what can a homeowner do to ensure that his electric meter remains to be accurate and functioning at optimal levels? Home architecture and design website has discussed in one of its web posts ways to determine the accuracy of an electric meter. In their online article, one of the ways they suggested is through self-testing. Builders and Contractors

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“Turn off all your appliances, then read the meter and make a note of the reading. Choose an appliance that uses a lot of electricity, such as an electric heater. Read the label to ascertain the wattage. Turn on the appliance for an hour then turn it off. Read the meter again. Deduct the first reading from the second and compare it to the wattage of the appliance you turned on for one hour. The difference between the two readings should equal the wattage on the label of your appliance if the meter is working accurately.”

The full procedure can be found in their original post here.

Electric Meter Accuracy

Engineering website Engineer Experiences meanwhile shared some ways on how to find out if an electric meter has become faulty. In their write-up they mentioned several ways and tools on how to check the accuracy of an electric meter. Electricians     

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“Accuracy checking of Energy Meter is not a difficult thing. A person having a clamp meter or power analyzer can easily check the accuracy whether that person is a lay man or a techy person. There are major three methods to compare accuracy of an Energy Meter.”

Check out the rest of the discussion in the full article posted here.

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UK-Based consumer website Citizens Advice also rounded up ways to find out whether an electric meter is functioning accurately. One of their tips is to ask the electric company itself to send someone over and check and verify the accuracy of the meter readings.

“Your supplier might first ask you to take daily meter readings over 7 days to check your usage. If this doesn’t prove anything, they will carry out further tests to check whether the meter is faulty. The testing process is different for gas and electricity meters. It’s a good idea to take a reading before the meter is tested to avoid any dispute if you receive a bill.”

The rest of the write-up can be found here.

Ensuring the accuracy of an electric meter is also the responsibility of the homeowner so that he is sure that he is just paying for what his household is using.

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