Busted Light Bulbs

Light Bulb #2

When light bulbs do not light up. (Photo Credits)

Light bulbs do not come cheap and so when they get busted too early, it can be quite frustrating. Normally light bulbs can be used up until 3,000 lighting hours or more and when it hardly gets maximized, homeowners better check the reason behind it.

Light bulb blogsite 1000bulbs.com tried to explain why this happens and what could be the possible causes for the premature burning out of light bulbs. One of the reasons they mentioned is improper screwing of the light bulb in its fixture. American Lighting Association    

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“Keep in mind that even if you yourself didn’t screw your light in too tightly, someone else may have at one point in the fixture’s life and ruined the fixture-to-bulb connection. In this case, it’s time to purchase a new fixture. However, the fixture-to-bulb connection might also be disrupted because of the particular brand of light bulb you’re using. Sometimes, cheaper bulbs have little or no solder on the contact point of the bulb.”

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Higher Voltage

Home improvement website TheSpruce.com said that it could also possibly be the voltage powering the light bulb. In its web post on reasons why light bulbs burn out too fast, it shared several reasons why premature burn outs take place and what can be done about it. Master Electrician      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master_electrician

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“If the supply voltage to your home is too great, bulbs will generally burn brighter and burn out much faster. You can test for voltage at a standard (120-volt) electrical outlet, using a multimeter or a voltage tester; be sure you know how to do this safely because the power will be on. If a test reveals a voltage higher than 125 volts, have an electrician take a look at the problem, or contact your electric utility provider for recommendations. “

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Apart from high voltage and bulbs getting screwed in the socket too tightly, there are also other reasons for a persistently quick burning out of light bulbs. Third Party Service Ratings Website Angie’s List explains, homeowners should also be more realistic about their expectations on the longevity of their light bulbs. The longer it is used on a day to day basis, the shorter its service time so it should never be compared with other households who seldom use lights.

Moreover, they also mentioned other possible reasons for persistent light bulb burn outs.

“Fixture vibration. This repetitive movement, especially as a result of vibrations of ceiling fans, causes damage to the fragile filament. A bulb with excessive wattage. If you use a bulb that exceeds the recommended wattage, it can cause the fixture to overheat, shortening the life of the bulb. Improper air circulation. This can be a problem, especially in areas with little or no climate control like an attic. Again, the fixture can become overheated and shorten the life of the bulb.”

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The best way though to find out why light bulbs burn out immediately is to ask for a professional electrical inspection.

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