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Home lighting issues can be annoying and inconvenient. (Photo Credits)

Lighting issues do not happen regularly in any household, but when it happens it can be inconvenient. Electricians also say it could be symptomatic of possible electrical problems that need to be fixed right away to ensure the safety of the whole household.

Flickering lights is one a common home lighting issue that needs to be addressed right away as it can mean possible problems within the wiring of the lights, which can also be dangerous. Home improvement website The Spruce has mentioned several possible reasons why lights may flicker and how homeowners can deal with the concern. American Lighting Association

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“If the bulb flickers on and off, it usually means that the switch contacts are getting bad. Usually, you’ll be able to hear a sizzling or crackling sound if the switch contacts are bad. In this case, replace the switch. It also could be that the wire connections are loose. This could be on the switch itself, at the circuit breaker panel, or in a pass-through wire connection in the wall box or ceiling box. By far the most common problem is a loose wire connection at the switch itself, which is subject to constant on-off usage.”

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Wiring issues

Light switch issues can also prop up, and such should also be addressed right away to avoid inconvenience. Home Guides SF gate has listed down several suggestions on what to do with switch-related lighting problems in the homefront. Along with these suggestions come with their word of caution about doing self-troubleshooting for electrical issues. Master Electrician

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“Working with electricity is very dangerous, especially when you do not have any experience. If you are apprehensive or have no experience working with electricity, hire a licensed professional to perform the work. Never attempt to work with electricity when there is water present, if you are barefoot or around plumbing pipes and appliances. Ask an experienced assistant to help, if possible.”

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Home décor and design website House and Home meanwhile rounded up lighting issues commonly encountered at home. Insufficient illumination in the kitchen is one of the concerns they mentioned in their article, and in the same narrative they mentioned possible ways to deal with the matter.

“Recessed halogen lights spaced about 9″ from the edge of the upper cabinets and around 48″ apart will add some good directional lighting on the countertops and cabinets. If there’s no light over the island, you can replace a pot rack with a show-stopping chandelier or pendants.”

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Lighting issues are best addressed by licensed electrician contractors to ensure the safety and effectivity of electrical fixtures at home.

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