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What should homeowners do when the breaker panel suddenly sparks? (Photo Credits)

Homeowners should always consider a sparking breaker as an electrical emergency. A problem with the breaker can affect the whole house and pose a danger to everyone, including the entire home structure.

Breaker panels usually spark because of a problem within the whole house’s electrical circuit. It could also be an indication that the main breaker may not be receiving the electrical current that it needs to power up the whole home.

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Home safety website has warned homeowners about sparking fuse boxes and how dangerous it could be to not address it as soon as possible.

“This is never a good sign. How you deal with it depends on where it’s coming from. If a breaker panel, fuse box or outlet is sparking, get an electrician in ASAP. But a sparking appliance may mean that the fixture itself is damaged, in which case you should call an appliance repairperson. He can test the appliance and usually the outlet that powers it as well.”

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Why breaker boxes spark

Home design and architecture website meanwhile explained why breaker panels could spark and what could it possibly mean. It also mentioned possible safe steps homeowners can take once this occurs at home. Electrician

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“Open the electrical panel and turn off the main circuit breaker. Remove the panel cover by removing the screws with the screwdriver. Turn on the main circuit breaker with the panel cover off to identify where the sparks are occurring. If you cannot see any sparks, turn each circuit breaker off and on and check to see which lines are sparking. The spark will most likely come from the wires on the circuit breaker. If the spark comes from the panel itself, immediately turn off the main circuit breaker and call an electrician.”

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Home Guides SF Gate meanwhile shared ways on how homeowners can deal with popping noises emanating from the breaker panel. In their article, they warned that the sound could be an indication of a serious issue that warrants the immediate attention of a licensed electrician. Build Safe

“In many cases, the popping happens when you turn on a particular appliance, so until you can get an electrician to come to your house, avoid using that appliance. In any case, don’t go near the panel. The electrician has the appropriate protective gear and insulated tools to safely open the panel door, diagnose and fix the problem.”

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Issues with a breaker panel should be immediately addressed to avoid electrical fires and accidents.

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