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Light Bulb

Clean your light bulbs too. (Photo Credits)

Light bulbs need regular cleaning too, and there are many benefits to having cleaner and clearer light bulbs.

One of which is getting to maximize the illumination provided by the light bulb.

But how does one properly clean a light bulb without breaking or damaging it?

Lightbulbs.com gave some pointers. American Lighting Association 

“Of course, you’ll want to start by switching off the power to each bulb you plan on cleaning! Let any hot bulbs cool completely before you begin handling them. Once you hone in on your dirtiest bulbs, decide whether it’s easier to clean them in their light fixtures or remove them from the socket first. This will depend on where the fixture is and whether it’s safe for you to clean it in the fixture. For example, removing a bulb from a ceiling can light is likely safer than standing atop a ladder for an extended time wiping it down.”

Read the rest here.

Disposing Light Bulbs

For light bulbs that are already busted and are due for disposal, the website Save On Energy.com shared an article on how to safely dispose used light bulbs. Master Electrician

“Back when incandescent lighting was the norm, no one thought twice about throwing away their old light bulbs. In fact, most people didn’t think much about the environment. Now that our collective conscious has caught up, we have the task of figuring out what to do when CFL light bulbs burn out or break. The main reason properly disposing of CFLs is important lies in their key ingredient – mercury. There isn’t a lot of mercury in each light bulb, but inhaling mercury vapor can cause negative neurological effects.”

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Read the step-by-step procedure here.

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For crafty individuals those who may want to up cycle their light bulbs, Crafts By Amanda has a suggestion.

“I’ve already posted my light bulb angel and my light bulb penguin, so here’s my light bulb snowman ornament to add to the group. I made this guy in 2000, 16 years and going strong! If you wrap them carefully, ornaments made from light bulbs will last a very long time. Keep in mind the age of this ornament when looking at this close up photo. He’s an old man now.”

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Check out the photos and the project here.

Light Bulbs should be cleaned, and safely dealt with once busted.

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