Generating Warmth from the Sun

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Off-the-grid heating system. (Photo Credits)

The home heating system is an indispensable fixture in any home. It provides much needed warmth during chilly days helping home occupants to remain productive throughout the day in spite of the weather.

At the same breath, home heating systems eat up a lot of energy hence finding ways to lower the damage it costs on any home’s budget is something that is being sought after by any property owner. Enter solar power based home heating systems. Like any other equipment in a house that require electricity or energy, home heating systems can also be powered by Solar energy.

Just like this huge property featured at the website State of Green. Builders and Contractors

“Over the last seven months, a lorry has gone to Arcon-Sunmark in Skørping 455 times in order to unload solar panels for the world’s biggest solar heating system in Silkeborg. The system consists of 12,436 solar panels for each 12.6 m2, a complete area of 156,694 m2. On a sunny day in the summer half, 2.7 million litres of water circulate through the system every hour. Through 1.2 kilometre long district heating pipes, the system connects to a heating plant.”

Check it out here.

Sustainable Source of Home Heat

Solar Power World Online detailed how it can be possible to source home heating system from solar energy. Electricians       

“A traditional off-grid solar power system, as shown in Figure 1, includes multiple solar panels connected in series and/or in parallel to feed DC power to a solar charge controller, which then charges a battery. An inverter takes DC power from the battery and supplies AC power to the load. The battery is the central piece of this system and is always at work even when the sun is shining. It has to be large enough to supply sufficient power for the load day and night. This causes ongoing wear and tear that stresses the battery’s life.”

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Read the whole manuscript here.

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Solar powered heating can best be complemented as well by other forms of heating that do not require gas nor electricity.

Off The Grid News shared a list of wood that is best for off-the-grid heating.

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“Certain tree types favor hot-burning firewood. When a choice exists, look for hardwood, selecting trees with higher density. Dense, or heavy wood once dried, contains higher heat per volume when burned. That means your firewood will burn hotter and longer.”

Take a look at the list here.

Solar power can indeed be a great source of home heating.

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