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Save energy with motion-sensor lights. (Photo Credits)

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the lights automatically turned on upon getting in with handsful of groceries or stuff? This is what motion-sensor lights are all about.

Engadget featured motion sensor lights in one of its blog posts. Builders and Contractors   

“During my demo, I walked through a couple of dim, unlit hallways (much less sinister than it sounds) and the Hue motion sensor flipped the lights on just as I entered. The device has a 100-degree (vertical and horizontal) detection angle and a range of up to about 16 feet, which enables a pretty speedy response time.

Having the sensor isn’t just useful for automatically turning the lights on when you enter a room or hallway. It can also trigger them, say, when you wake up in the middle of the night and need to go to the bathroom without fumbling for a light switch in the dark. Plus, you can use the app to set a night scene that’s dimmer and easier on your sensitive, barely awake eyes. Philips had set up rows of Hue lights under a bed and along the walls, which, when set to a low brightness, lent a soft, warm glow to the room so obstacles were visible.”

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The Family Handyman also shared yet another type of Motion-Sensor Lights. Electricians   

“I like to have my garage and walkway well lit when I come home at night, so years ago I installed a motion sensor fixture on my garage. I’ve never been happy with it because the motion sensor is so unreliable. Either it doesn’t catch motion or it stays on all night. So I was really excited to try out the new Revolve LED TM by All-Pro TM . This isn’t one of those cheap plastic units. The body is made from die-cast aluminum, so it’s built to last. The individual LED lights are extremely well made and easy to aim. Plus, it comes fully assembled, so installation is easy.”

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If budget is an issue, there are Do-It-Yourself project guides available over the Internet. Chicago’s WGNTV shared an instructional guide.

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Motion sensor lights can indeed be very helpful.

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