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What to do when someone sustains an electrical shock. (Photo Credits)

Sustaining an electrical shock is no joke. Be it for an adult, a child, or a pet, it will surely stun anyone and could even end up in a serious injury. Builders and Contractors

The Health Site enumerated step-by-step measures to take upon seeing someone sustain electrical shock. “Before you rush to help, carefully look around for any dangers as electricity can be quickly passed through water or any conducting material like iron. Call the emergency helpline immediately for help. Second, try to separate the person from the current source. You can turn off the power or unplug the device. If you can’t do so, stand on a dry and non-conducting material like wooden stool and try to separate the person using a wooden stick. Never touch the person with bare hands or you could also receive a shock.”

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Electrical Shock and Children

The Jakarta Post for its part published something to help parents respond to an electrical shock episode on their children. Electricians           

“Break contact. If your child is still in contact with a live wire, turn off the electricity or break contact with the wire. Be sure to use a nonconducting object (such as a wooden pole). Call an ambulance immediately. Resuscitate. Begin mouth-to-mouth breathing as soon as possible if breathing has stopped. Often external cardiac massage will also be needed. Take a CPR course in advance.”

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Pets can receive electrical shocks too.

The website First Aid for Pets shared information on how to deal with this type of accident on your house pets. “Electricity can cause muscular spasms which means jaws can end up clamping shut around electricity cables. In these cases the animal is often unable to let go. The live current may still be present and will shock you too if you touch your dog, so the first step is to turn the power off at its source if possible.”

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It is very important to know what to do in case someone in the household sustains an electrical shock. It can spell the difference between an injury and a tragedy.

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