Electrical Safety during Storms

Lightning Storm

Storms can be very dangerous and so safety precautions should be observed during inclement weather. (Photo Credits)

Inclement weather brings a lot of forces that might affect electrical flow. Water for instance in the form of leaks and flooding can be dangerous once it gets into contact with electricity. Power interruptions can also take place.

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It is very important then for every household to be aware of the safety measures that should be observed during inclement weather like storms, typhoons, flooding and the like.

The Electrical Safety Authority has come up with a comprehensive guide on how to stay safe, electrical-wise during typhoons and stormy weather. Electricians            

“Heavy rain or melting snow and ice can contribute to flooding. If water gets into your home, your electrical systems may be affected. If you suspect damage to your electrical system, contact a licensed electrical contractor to assess the damage and make any repairs. When flood water rises above electrical outlets or power cords or is near the electrical service panel, it could be energized. Contact your local electric utility to disconnect the power immediately.”

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Avoiding Electrical Accidents During a Typhoon

Homestructions also came out with general advice on staying safe during storms. Builders and Contractors 

“Installing a whole-house surge protector is the best step you can take to help lessen the damage that a lightning strike can cause. The best protectors are two-component devices. One component is installed at the circuit breaker box while others are plugged in at outlets close to televisions, computers and similar electronics or appliances. You’ll also want to consider installing a lightning-proof device on your roof, similar to the old-fashioned lightning rod. It won’t prevent lightning from striking your home, but will direct the bolt to the ground outside rather than through internal wiring which can fry your electronics. In addition, many experts recommend that you unplug your electronics and appliances during a lightning storm.”

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Work Cover Queensland also has a set of guidelines to protect homeowners and workers from electrical accidents during storms and flooding.

“If your property or connecting line has been damaged by a storm or flood, you may need verification tests on your switchboard, wiring, equipment and appliances to be carried out prior to reconnection to ensure the electrical circuits are still sound. An electrical contractor will need to perform this task and a certificate of test will ensure your local electricity distribution entity can reconnect your service.”

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Staying safe during storm season is important in preventing electrical injuries.

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