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Electrician’s Take on Modern Light Switches

Light switches are getting sleeker, and even more functional. (Photo Credits)

Light switches are now getting more modern, such that its function went up beyond the usual turning on and off of lighting fixtures. As more and more changes are seen in terms of home and commercial lighting, switches also saw marked improvements. American Lighting Association

Hometips.com summed up recent advancements in technology, when it comes to light switches.

New switches offer a wide range of control, such as full-range dimming, a delayed fade from on to off, and dimmer switches that remember a range of preset settings. Some occupancy sensor switches automatically turn lights on when a person enters a room and then off when the person exits. Central lighting controls can be programmed to operate groups or banks of lights throughout the house as the needs for lighting in various areas change throughout the day. Lights, fans, and other electrical devices can be controlled with hand-held, infrared, wireless remotes. And there are switches designed to control compact fluorescent, fluorescent and halogen lights.”

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Trends in Light Switch Function and Design

Wirecutter for its part reviewed latest light switches and dimmers to come up with sensible advice for its readers. Their recommendations included comprehensive descriptions on the features and advantages of specific light switches and why homeowners should purchase such a type of light switch. Master Electrician

“Every one of the in-wall switches we tested can remotely turn lights on and off and trigger lighting based on time of day. However, the Lutron Caséta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer offers the most smart-home perks via support for Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit (via the WeMo Bridge), Google Assistant, SmartThings, Sonos, Logitech, Nest, and many others. It’s also easy to use, and it’s easy to install because it doesn’t require a neutral wire. Even better, it works with Lutron’s wireless remote (you can buy the two together), which you can leave on a table, or even mount on a wall to act as a two-way switch. However, anything beyond on, off, and dimming requires Lutron’s Caséta Smart Bridge or a Wink hub, which adds to the overall cost.”

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UK-Based Lyco meanwhile came up with a comprehensive article meant to guide a homeowner on the types of switches, its functions, and where it will work best.

“Light switches are designed in a variety of ways. Some are purely functional, whilst others have style in mind, too. Here are some of the common design features: (1) Flat plate: extremely low-profile, usable only on perfectly flat walls or tiles. (2) Low profile: a slim but raised profile that allows installation on uneven surfaces. The smart BG Low Profile 10A 1 Gang 2-Way Light Switch is an example of this. (3) Metal clad: usually designed with a white plastic switch and an impact-resistant metal wall plate, these are used in industrial environments or in domestic rooms where damage is more likely (e.g. garage, games room). (4) Moulded: an inexpensive plastic switch for use in areas where appearance is of secondary importance (e.g. workplaces, utility rooms, larders). The BG White Moulded 10A 1 Gang 2 Way Light Switch offers great value under this category. (5) Screwless: provides a neat finish with no visible fixings, and installs easily by clipping onto a rear mount. (6)   Weatherproof: electrical components are well protected against dust and rain, either directly or through use of a sealed enclosure. (7) Time Delay Switch: saves energy by automatically switching off light after a set duration. Lyco sell a 1-way Electronic Time Delay Switch with a neon-lit button perimeter for easy visibility.

The rest of the guide can be downloaded here.

Light switches have come a long way. It is but appropriate to choose a modern, high-functioning light switch to match top-of-the-line light fixtures.

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