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The importance of electrical warning signs. (Photo Credits)

Electrical safety signs should never be ignored. They are posted for a reason, and most often than not, they are there because it is the required by the government specifically safety authorities.

The problem comes in though when the signs are ignored, or have not been completely understood by the population frequenting the area where it is posted.

The website Occupational Health and Safety came up with a write-up encouraging its readers to never shrug off these signs because doing so could affect their overall safety. Builders and Contractors 

Colors can help employees quickly determine the type of hazard present in any given situation. The color of the sign will also help them decide how to respond to and approach the situation. It’s important to be consistent with your color usage throughout the facility. Red identifies FIRE, DANGER, or STOP. It is most commonly used in flammable liquid identification, emergency stop switches, and fire protection equipment. Danger indicates an immediately hazardous situation that could cause death or serious injury.”

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Importance of electrical hazard signage meanwhile enumerated the many reasons why having electrical hazard warning signs and labels are important. Electricians

“A number of accidents occur around the globe involving electricity, most of which could have been avoided if an electrical safety sign was placed properly. The importance of an electrical safety sign is therefore paramount to ensure workplace safety and avoid unpleasant situation. The electrical safety sings are useful in warning people of probable danger while working with electricity and also prompt them to take necessary precaution to stay safe.”

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The website Hiogh Speed Training meantime published a comprehensive post on electrical hazard signs and their meaning. In their write-up they emphasized the importance of being aware about what the signs mean, and acting on the message the signs wishes to convey.

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“These electrical safety symbols can be found around workplaces – particularly construction sites, factories and farms where the use of high-voltage electrical equipment or cables is common – as well as in any building or location where electricity may pose a danger. The text and colour of the signs may vary, but the pictograms are universal. They are used to warn you of the potential electrical hazards in the area and must not be ignored.”

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Abiding by electrical hazard signs can help ensure safety.

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