What to Do When the Light Switch is Not Working


Electrician’s Tips on Switches that Does Not Work

What to do when the light switch is not working? (Photo Credits)

A non-working light switch can be annoying especially when one needs to illuminate a certain part of the home. And so it will be best to know what to do in case a light switch would not work. But what could be the possible reasons why a light switch stops functioning? Builders and Contractors

DoItYourself.com explained the four most common reasons why light switches fail to work. In the article, it explained that it can possibly be because of the light bulb itself, or as serious as an electrical connection problem. Fuse Burnout is one of the reasons they cited.

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“A fuse burnout or a trip in the circuit breaker can also cause problems in your light switch. If you experience switch problems, buying a new switch mechanism should not be your first option. Make it a point to inspect your circuit breaker first and see if there are burned out fuses. If this is the case, simply replacing a fuse can remedy your problems with the switch. If you experience circuit trips and fuse burnouts often, you should lower down the power load in your place.”

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Repairing a light switch

HouseLogic meantime came up with a quick guide on how to deal with a broken light switch, emphasizing that there are instances when the repair would only take 10 minutes. Along with their guide came rough cost estimates. Electricians

“A single-pole light switch costs less than $6 to replace. Go for a rocker switch that’s easy to use and adds sensible universal design to your home. Three-way switches let you control the same light from two different locations. When you flip one switch to the on position, the other switch is simultaneously moved to the on position. A three-way switch also will cost less than $6.”

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HomeTips.com also shared the possible ways to troubleshoot a failing light switch. In its article, it broke down the different types of light switches, and how one can deal with it.

“If a switch doesn’t work, first make sure the problem is with the switch and not the light or device it’s supposed to power. Put a new bulb into the light fixture or plug a working lamp or other appliance into the switch-controlled receptacle to make sure the switch is faulty. When you replace a switch, make sure you check the amp and voltage ratings on the back of the old switch. The new switch should have the same ratings. If you have aluminum wiring (the metal part of the wires looks silvery), be sure to get a replacement switch marked “CO/ALR.” Unmarked or CU/AL switches should be replaced with CO/ALR switches.”

The continuation of this instructional guide can be found here.

Light switches are very important in any home, and it is best to know how to deal with it should it fail. Calling a licensed electrical contractor though, remains to be the safest route when it comes to repairing a light switch that fails to work.

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