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Installation can be a breeze when hiring the services of an electrician. (Photo Credits)

Some homeowners later discover that they need more lights for their home. Maybe in one area, maybe in every room. Whatever the case may be, a call to a local expert and licensed electrician will solve this issue. Builders and Contractors

For homeowners though who may just want to install new lighting fixtures, and already have the wiring for that, there are a lot of self-help tips available. for instance published guidelines on how to install lighting fixtures.

“Fixtures come in different weights and sizes, and these features determine the mounting method. Lightweight, small ceiling fixtures can generally be screwed directly into the fixture box’s mounting ears. However, heavier fixtures may need to be fastened to the box with a mounting bar, hickey, or stud. Fixtures weighing more than 50 pounds will need to be secured to a joist or beam as well as to the mounting box.”

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Home and Garden Television, also has in its official website, a guide on how to install different lighting fixtures. Electricians

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“When working with electrical connections, normally the black wire is hot, the white is neutral and the bare is ground. If the wires are the same color or other colors, testing is needed. Test the wires by touching one end of the circuit tester to one of the wires connecting to the light and the other end to the ground. The hot wire is the one that causes the circuit tester to light up. Turn the power off at the breaker and label the hot wire with black electrical tape for future reference.”

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The Family Handyman also shared some useful tips in installing lighting fixtures in and around the house.

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“Not all electrical boxes with a light switch in them contain the necessary ground, hot and neutral conductors. To find out, first shut off the power to the switch at the main electrical panel. Then remove the switch cover, and hold the non-contact voltage detector against the wires attached to the switch. This is to ensure the power is off before you remove the screws and pull the switch from the box.”

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When unsure as to how to go about installing additional lighting fixtures calling up an expert electrical contractor always solves this issue.

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