Power conservation and kitchen tools

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Some kitchen tools can use up a lot of electricity. (Photo Credits)

For families that regularly cook food, the kitchen will always be one of the rooms that are bustling with activity. Along with these activities come the use of kitchen equipment and gadgets that consume electricity.

When the use of these gadgets is not kept in check, power consumption may shoot up.

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The website How Stuff Works gave some tips on how to conserve energy in the kitchen. American Lighting Association  

“For optimum energy efficiency, it makes sense in any season to use cooking appliances appropriate to the volume and type of food being cooked. Baking a few potatoes can be accomplished quickly and at much less energy cost in a microwave oven than they would require using a conventional oven. Countertop toaster ovens and broilers can prepare a wide variety of foods, and they don’t produce the amount of heat or consume nearly the energy that a full-size range does.” Read the continuation here.

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Being mindful when opening kitchen appliances

Cooksdirect.com reminds its readers to be more mindful when opening oven doors, freezer doors, and even refrigerator doors as these let coldness and heat out of the kitchen appliance. Master Electrician

“Busy kitchen staff may often forget to do the simplest of energy efficient steps. Leaving oven doors open releases vast amounts of heat. Each time you open an oven door the temperature can drop by as much as 25°F. Watch the clock and use a timer instead. Don’t leave the convection oven or steamer door open too long or it will just continue to release heat, burning unnecessary energy to retain the proper cooking temperature. The walk-in cooler is another door that needs to be shut at all times or cooling becomes a continuous energy pit.” Read more kitchen energy conservation tips here.

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WikiHow also enumerated ways to save up on electrical consumption while cooking in the kitchen. “Use a pressure cooker to save energy and reduce cooking time. Pressure cookers, which are either stovetop or electric, raise the temperature of water before boiling and trap steam. Do a web search for pressure cooker recipes.”

Check out the rest of their tips here.

Conserving energy in the kitchen will greatly help in reducing the electrical consumption of any home.

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