The Dangers of Plug Adapters

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Plug adapters may be helpful around the home, but it apparently has a share of its own dangers. Expert electricians advise it could lead to electric shock or even electrocution.

Home improvement website, The Spruce cautioned its readers against using these adapters saying that it may even cost them their lives. Builders and Contractors 

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“It is very common to use these adapters in homes with older outlets that don’t have three slots, but it is bad practice. In many cases, these older electrical systems do not have a dedicated ground pathway, which means that there is the potential for shock if you plug a three-prong plug into them via an adapter.”

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Substandard Adapters

Even WikiPedia mentioned the potential trouble laying ahead from using these adapters. The entry even emphasized that the use of such can even be more dangerous when it involves a substandard one. Electricians

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“Occasionally, plug and socket combinations may allow power to flow but may not meet product standards for mating force, earthing, current capacity, life expectancy, or safety. Failure to meet quality standards is even more likely when using third-party adapters or improvised user-modified connectors. Physical compatibility does not always ensure that the appliance and socket match in frequency or voltage.”

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The Government of Australia’s Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety issued a warning to its constituents, saying that using these adapters can even be fatal.

“You may be shocked to hear that overseas plug converters supplied with appliances to make them usable in Australia could harm or kill you! There have been two local cases recently where consumers reported receiving electric shocks from power adaptors that came with appliances they’d purchased from websites.”

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Households should indeed consult an electrician when there is a permanent need for adapters so that it could be addressed safely.

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