Ensuring Electrical Safety

Electrical Hazards at Home

Electrical hazards can be present everywhere, including homes. (Photo Credits)

The home should be a safe place away from all dangers, but in reality safety hazards, including electrical hazards. This danger is so real, it can even cause injuries and fatal accidents. American Lighting Association

Safewise.com says faulty wiring is the number one electrical hazard that homeowners face. “The National Fire Prevention Association reports that faulty wiring is the leading cause of residential fires. To minimize these risks, have a certified electrician check your home’s wiring every few years so you know if any need to be repaired or replaced. Call an electrician immediately if the lights in your home dim or flicker without explanation, breakers repeatedly trip, or outlets feel warm or spark. These are signs you may need to repair the wiring in your house.”

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Checking for Electrical Hazards

NC Electric Cooperatives also came up with a guide on electrical hazards and how to prevent them./ In that article, a portion was dedicated to the electrical fixtures that should be checked to avoid electrical accidents. Master Electrician

“Check your home for the following electrical hazards: (1) Frayed or worn electric cords; (2) Appliance plugs “piggy backed” on a single switch; (3) Electrical appliances such as radios, hairdryers, shavers, portable lamps, or radiators used near showers, baths or swimming pools; (4) Extension cords being used instead of permanent indoor/outdoor wiring; (5) Wet floors are present where electricity is used; (6) Electrical appliances that blow fuses, overheat, or spark heavily.”

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Related Electrical Installation and Repair Services

Home Advisor also shared an article on electrical hazards, and enumerated myths surrounding it. One myth tackled in the write-up is the use of extension wires.

“Many homeowners know that different extension cords have different electrical ratings and capacities. Few actually heed the requirement that their extension cord be rated to match the appliance it’s plugged into. Extension cords running to computers, air conditioning units, and space heaters, and any major appliances must be able to handle the load. Otherwise the extension cord will heat up, causing the entire circuit to become unsafe and potentially able to create an electrical fire. Particularly, dangerous is the habit of running an extension cord under rugs, furniture, or anything else that will capture this heat, instead of allowing it to dissipate. “

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Electrical hazards should indeed be taken seriously to remain on the safe side.

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