What it means when the bill skyrockets


Electric bills get all the more annoying when it surges unexpectedly. (Photo Credits)

Bill shock is a common term used by service providers when their consumers unexpectedly receive a huge bill and they raise a concern about it. While some could be legitimate issues, there are times when it is usage that has indeed prompted an unexpected increase in power bills.

But what are the possible reasons for a sudden surge of electric bills?

Hunker.com came up with an article that sums up possible reasons for a sudden increase in power bills. Build Safe

Proreferral.com meanwhile explained other possible reasons for a sudden surge in power bills.

If your electricity bill becomes unusually high, the meter may be faulty and you should ask your utility to check it. If the meter is accurate, an appliance or other load may be using more power than usual. Start by checking the systems that use the most power to see if they are working properly and if they are switching on and off normally. Keep track of your daily power consumption by reading your meter to see the effect of changes you make during your investigation.”

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The explanation of each possible reasons that they cited can be found here.

Common Energy Drains

One of the most common power blackhole in a home are energy-draining appliances that are either malfunctioning, or really uses up a whole lot of energy as it ages. Electrician   

The website Pocket Sense tried to explain this in one of their articles.

Appliances that are too old might be causing ‘phantom power drains,’ which occurs when an object is turned off but still plugged in and using power. Even though under the One Watt Initiative every appliance made after 2010 is limited in how much phantom power it uses, larger appliances like dryers and refrigerators — anything that uses a lot of energy for heat or cooling — can still cause significant phantom draining. The best way to prevent unwanted drainage is to unplug anything when it’s not in use, especially smaller, battery-charging items like laptops, cell phones, and tablets.”

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There are some factors that might cause temporary electricity spikes and these are common occurrences. On extremely cold winter days, more heat will be required to keep you house warm and this can lead to increases electricity consumption on that day. Similarly, very hot days in the summer will see the air conditioning staying on all throughout the day which could drive up your price. Check your settings; perhaps you do not need it that cool in your place. The opening and closing of the refrigerator frequently could increase your electricity usage. You would have to be constantly opening and closing the fridge though. It would have to be practically left open for a spike in your bill to occur.”

The original article can be found here.

Sudden surges in electrical bills can be stressful. If unsure as to how to go about checking, call your electrical provider.

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