Dealing with Electrical Injuries

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Electrical burns are serious injuries that needs urgent attention, but utmost caution should be observed when helping a victim.

The Mayo Clinic came up with a guide on how to deal with electrical burns, and what to do in case someone happens to fall victim to it. They explained that minor burns can be responded to like any other slight injury but the responder should be extra careful about helping. Builders and Contractors

“Don’t touch the injured person if he or she is still in contact with the electrical current. Call 911 or your local emergency number if the source of the burn is a high-voltage wire or lightning. Don’t get near high-voltage wires until the power is turned off. Overhead power lines usually aren’t insulated. Stay at least 20 feet (about 6 meters) away — farther if wires are jumping and sparking. Don’t move a person with an electrical injury unless the person is in immediate danger.”

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First Aid in Dealing with Electrical Burns

Web MD meantime shared first aid measures to observe when helping out a person who has sustained electrical burns. Electricians

“Do not touch the “electrified person” with your hands. Unplug the appliance or turn off the main power switch. Try to remove the person from the electrical source, if you cannot turn the power off. Do this only if you can do so safely by: (1) Standing on a dry surface, such as a rubber doormat or a pile of papers or books. Make sure you are not standing in or near water. (2) Using a dry wooden object, such as a broom handle, to push the person away from the electrical source. Do not use anything wet or made of metal.”

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Related Electrical Repair and Installation Services: also shared a helpful article on electrical burns which contained details to frequently asked questions on the said condition. For instance, about minor electrical burns, it detailed when should the victim get in touch with a doctor.

“When should I contact my healthcare provider? (1) You are dizzy or weak. (2) You have stiff joints or muscle pain. (3)You are confused or have memory loss. (4) You have questions or concerns about your condition or care.”

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Electrical burns are indeed a cause for major concern. The best way to handle it is to avoid or prevent getting injured by observing safety measures.

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