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The dangers of downed electrical lines. (Photo Credits)

When suddenly facing a downed electrical line, what should a person do? How should a person keep safe?

Pacific Gas and Electric Power Company posted in their website, tips on what to do if in case there is a power line that has fallen. In their advice, they underscored the importance of not going near nor attempt to touch the downed pole or line. Builders and Contractors          

“Downed power lines are dangerous. Never touch them. For safety’s sake, always assume that a fallen power line is live, and follow these guidelines: (1) Avoid touching the downed line with your hand or an object, such as a stick, broom or pole. (2) Avoid touching anything, such as a car, object or equipment, or anyone who is in contact with a fallen power line. (3) Keep children and pets away from fallen electric lines. “

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Staying Safe

Hidromol also came up with an easy-to-understand guide on how to deal with downed electrical poles and fallen power lines. Hidromol is a website dedicated to identifying electrical problems in the house, and guiding homeowners into resolving these issues to help them stay safe. Electricians 

“If you’re not in a car when you come upon the downed power line, the safest course of action is still to avoid touching anything in the area. This includes people, trees, and other objects that are touching the line (or touching something else that’s touching the line) as well as any water. Even a shallow puddle on the ground can easily become electrified and deliver a life-threatening shock. Instead, shuffle away slowly with both feet touching the ground until you’re a safe distance away.”

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The Times Publishing Group also published an article aimed at helping people to keep safe amid downed power lines.

“Power lines in contact with the ground or a fallen tree don’t have to be arcing, sparking, or humming to be deadly. Wires can, without warning, become re-energized. In short, please do not touch and keep a safe distance away. When the ground surface is wet, as it is right now, firefighters maintain a safety zone of 60 feet around any downed or low-hanging wires. We also park our fire engines at least two utility poles away to ensure a safe work area. We will isolate the area, address imminent life safety issues, notify the proper agencies, and await their arrival.”

Take a look at the original article here.

Downed power lines are electrical hazard, one should never go near to.

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