Using dimmers can help improve the mood and aesthetics of any home. For the unfamiliar, dimmers are switches that allow homeowners to choose the level of brightness of lights in their homes. And while it may seem as simple as upgrading the light switches, it is not as easy as it seems. Self-installing dimmers can give way to safety hazards and property damage due to incorrect wiring and poor workmanship.

When thinking of installing dimmers at home know that the best way to go is by hiring a licensed residential electrician who can do the job with ease and expertise.

Where to install dimmers

Most homes that utilize dimmers commonly install theirs in the living room, the dining room, and the bedroom. However, dimmers can be placed in other areas at home. For instance, corridor lights may have that dim function so that parents of young children can tuck in, or check on the kids without waking them up due to bright lights.

Also, the ability to dim lights in corridors is perfect even for homes of older adults since it provides illumination without bathing the whole area with harsh lighting.

The bathrooms, especially those with bathtubs and jacuzzis will get even more relaxing with dimmers. Soaking up in a dimly lit bathroom provides more relaxation than having to use the tub with the brightest of lights, or relying on candles that could pose safety dangers to kids, pets, and even the whole home structure.

Dimmer switch addition

Licensed local electricians like us from Gforce Electric can help ensure the safe and correct installation of dimmer switches. Apart from assessing whether the existing switch and wiring fixtures are safe, we can appropriately carry out the installation and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

One of the safety mistakes that DIY installers make is overloading the switches. This is a big no-no given that it could cause the fixtures to overheat and spark an electrical fire. Electrical fires are a leading cause of residential and commercial property fires across the United States. It pays to hire a professional when installing dimmer switches.

Repairing existing dimmer switches

Even dimmer switch repairs must be carried out by professionals. Only licensed electricians have the appropriate tools, safety knowledge, and expertise to assess and repair a failing dimmer switch. Dimmers can get worn out in time, so if it fails, homeowners should call a professional to give them a look.

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