Security Lighting Installation San Diego

Security lighting is an integral safety feature of any residential property structure. It deters break-ins among other criminal activities. It also ensures that neighbors and other onlookers can see any irregular activity in the house when the homeowner is away, or even when they are asleep.

Installing security lights should be carried out by licensed local electricians. Since most perimeter lights are wired, it is crucial to use outdoor rated fixtures correctly installed by a professional. Faulty wiring can lead to injuries and property damage.

Taking advantage of the most recent technology can help in getting the best security lighting solution for the property. For instance, it can mean solar lighting options, energy-efficient lightings like LED, or even traditional wired lighting.

Different Types of Security Lights

Below are some of the lighting options available for perimeter lighting for residential properties. There are various brands in the market, and what is important is that it is outdoor rated and has passed security standards. Here is the list:

  • Weather-resistant security lighting
  • Adjustable lamp head lights
  • Motion sensor lighting
  • Dusk to dawn lighting
  • Timed lights
  • Adjustable detection sensitivity
  • Installing security lights

Security lighting options can be combined to make the most of the perimeter security lighting features. For instance, if the main goal is to boost security without having to pay too much in utility bills, then using LED perimeter lights with a dusk-to-dawn security feature.

By using energy-efficient LED lights complemented with dusk-to-dawn features, this security lighting fixture can help ensure home safety and security without breaking the bank.

Motion sensored

Motion-activated security lighting is energy efficient and at the same time could provide the surprise factor that could help deter criminal activity. By installing motion-sensor security lights in strategic areas at the home exteriors perimeter security is boosted without having to pay for all-night lighting. Anyway, the fixture’s sensitivity can be adjusted to give way to home pets, animals, and pests who may get near the lighting sensors.


There are also sustainable options for security lighting. Solar-powered perimeter lighting is not uncommon given that it provides the needed security lighting without running the electric meter. This is a good option, however, it is usually limited to low-voltage lighting.

Get a skilled Electrician to install security lights

At GForce Electric you can have the peace of mind that only a licensed residential electrician can provide. Not only can our electrician install perimeter security lights to boost home safety, but you can also rest assured that the outdoor lights will be correctly and safely installed. Incorrect installation can lead to faulty wiring that in turn could cause electrical shocks, and even spark an electrical fire.

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