Landscape lighting Installation & Repairs in San Diego

Landscape lights can turn any house into an appealing residential property that is safe and wonderful to live in. Outdoor lighting and landscape lights perform two functions – it boosts curb appeal by accentuating the property’s landscaping, and their other function is it increases perimeter security. A well-lit outdoor area makes intruders think twice about breaking into the property since it is adequately lit, and they can be easily identified and recorded in a closed circuit security camera.

Landscape lighting also accentuates garden features such as lush greenery, foliage, flower beds, herb gardens, and even outdoor art pieces.

Choosing landscape lights

There are several types of outdoor lighting to choose from Landscape Lighting. For instance, there are security lights that boost perimeter security on the property. Some security lights are powered by solar energy. Some are motion-activated to help with energy efficiency while deterring possible criminal activity.

Low voltage lighting is another option that keeps power bills at a minimum while continuing to accentuate landscape designs, and providing outdoor and security lighting. Regardless of the type of lighting, homeowners must know that these are best installed and repaired by a licensed residential electrician.

Only licensed electricians can competently and safely install outdoor lighting as they have the correct equipment, safety training, and expertise in doing such.

It is also important to purchase only outdoor-rated lighting fixtures to ensure the safety of everyone in the household and eliminate all safety hazards in relation to the new lighting installation.

Deciding Between Solar vs wired

Some homeowners are also in a bind in deciding on the type of outdoor lights to install. Solar-powered lights are usually low in voltage and are usually just utilized for illuminating pathways to prevent accidents during the evening. While it is a sustainable form of energy, that would not add up to the monthly utility bills, it also has its downside. Solar lights are not as bright as wired lighting can be, and it is not as ideal for spotlights and fixtures that require powerful lighting. The limited power restricts it to lower-powered or low volt lights.

Wired lighting on the other hand may be more complicated to install, but it comes with great features that maximize convenience, and ensures better perimeter security and enhanced curb appeal. For instance, dramatically strong accent spotlights in the garden, remote-controlled outdoor lights, timer-operated pathways, perimeter lighting, and even smart lights that are operated through a mobile device. A licensed electrician can easily install this type of lighting.