Low Voltage Lighting Installation & Repair San Diego

Low-voltage lighting however holds a special place in the hearts of homeowners. It comes with a good number of benefits that makes it a good choice when it comes to landscape lighting. Below are some of the uses of low voltage lighting in residential properties:

  • Accentuate certain garden features such as unique plants, flower boxes, or even garden art pieces.
  • Light up walkways or pathways towards the property.
  • Illuminate garden beds lightly.
  • Provide accents for outdoor water features of the home such as a swimming pool, a fountain, or any outdoor artsy water source.
  • Accentuate the architectural features of the home exteriors.
  • Liven up or create mood lighting for the outdoors.
  • Wired versus solar-powered low voltage lighting

Low voltage lighting could either source its power from a solar panel or electricity. If the lighting is meant for perimeter security, most licensed electricians will recommend wired low voltage lighting to ensure a stable and unrestricted power source.  Solar-powered low-voltage lighting may not be as reliable when it comes to providing the brightest of perimeter lights at all times.

We at GForce can help you decide on the best outdoor or landscape lighting solution for your home. We have countless experiences in installing outdoor lights and we can recommend the best options for your property. We can even make sure to help install the best fixtures for your budget.

Why It Could Be Better

Several benefits come with wired low voltage lighting. These benefits include getting to turn on or off the power all at once, setting timers and smart features, using remote controls, and using more aesthetically pleasing designs. For instance, low-voltage pendant lighting is best wired, giving one’s deck or patio looking better than ever. Choosing low-voltage LED lighting also allows the property owner to change lighting hues, which further enhances the aesthetics of the house exterior.

lighting installers specializing in low voltage

Getting all these installed in one’s home is easy with a licensed electrician working on all the installations. Doing a DIY on wired low-voltage lighting is dangerous since incorrectly wiring lighting fixtures can spark electrical fires that can cause injuries or property damage.

At GForce Electric, you can be sure that you are trusting the right low voltage lighting installer for your property. Doing DIY work, or hiring an unlicensed handyman can simply ruin the lighting installation by causing safety issues that could in turn bring about damage and injuries.

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