Chandeliers can transform any living area into an elegant living space most people dream of. Having one in the living room sets the right mood and conveys a strong message of abundance or opulence to the homeowner.

As complex as its design can be is its installation. It is not as simple as mounting the chandelier in the ceiling because it requires wiring, a dedicated power source, as well as tools and equipment that ensures safe electric workmanship.

Only a licensed local electrician has the experience and safety know-how to mount heavy lighting fixtures like a chandelier.

The dangers of doing chandelier installation yourself

Apart from possible accidents while installing the chandelier, it is also possible that the homeowner could encounter issues after the DIY installation. For one, incorrect wiring and mounting could cause issues that could start an electrical fire. It could also mean exposing the homeowners to possibly get an electrical shock while operating the chandelier.

More importantly, an incorrectly installed mounted chandelier opens the grave possibility of the chandelier dropping from the ceiling. Imagine the horrors of knowing that the fixture dropped on someone? And even if there is no anyone there, imagine a beautiful, expensive, and exquisitely designed chandelier shattering into pieces? On top of that, the ceiling will be left torn after the chandelier drops into the floor, leaving an eyesore and exposing dangerous electrical wiring.

We Install All types of Chandeliers

Like chandelier installation, chandelier repair should also be left to professionals. Repairs would mean checking onto the ceiling where the fixture is mounted. The elevated space makes it dangerous for homeowners to do self-troubleshooting, especially if they do not have a ladder at home.  Live the repair work to us at Gforce Green Electric Solutions and we will do our best to make your chandelier work perfectly again or help you with installing a replacement.

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