Children are one of the most common victims of electrical injuries, given their curiosity and playful nature. One of the roles of a parent or an adult guardian is to keep young children safe from electrical hazards around the house.

Homeowners should ensure that all power outlets in their homes are tamper-resistant receptacles.

There are several steps parents have to take to ensure the safety of their children from electrical injuries. Teaching them about electrical safety as soon as they are old enough to understand it can drastically minimize the chances of them getting injured due to electrical shocks, or worse incurring fatal injuries. However, homeowners should not rely on educating children alone. Kids can be kids, as they say, and their curiosity could get the better of them. It is still best to guide them and do what needs to be done to ensure their safety. Breakers and Fuses

Teaching children about electrical safety

Below are some of the important points, children of school age can understand about electrical safety. Parents mustn’t assume that the child has immediately understood whatever safety lesson that was taught to them. They might forget, or sometimes, they may just say yes but they might have failed to absorb the lesson. Consistency and guidance are key when it comes to teaching children about electrical safety.

Parents also have to make sure that the lesson taught is age-appropriate, meaning the child will not have a hard time comprehending what his parent is saying. Below are some of the points parents can teach their children about electrical safety. Electrician Service Poway

Electrical safety pointers for children

  1. Water and electricity do not mix. Over-emphasize this to children and tell them that they could be gravely injured once this happens, and even pets could get hurt too. Tell them to never pour water on appliances, never spray or pour water on electrical plugs, and if ever they accidentally spilled liquid on any electrical fixture or appliance, they should immediately tell their parent or guardian to wipe the spill. Gforce Green Electric Solutions
  2. Never play with an electrical outlet. Children should know that they cannot play with a receptacle, poke anything on it, or even try to plug appliances themselves.
  3. Teach children not to go near power strips and extension cords, not just to avoid electrical shocks, but also because it can trip them or strangle them.
  4. Tell children that they should not play with any electrical device.

Apart from teaching children about electrical safety, homeowners should also exert effort in keeping electrical well-maintained and periodically inspected by a licensed electrician. Electrical fixtures that children could reach like power outlets must also be childproof. Parents should also keep fixtures out of children’s reach, and make sure to keep an eye on children all the time.