Electrical upgrades are meant to enhance convenience and increase safety at home. Renovations usually include electrical upgrades, but homeowners can choose to have electrical fixtures upgraded or replaced even if they are not planning to remodel their homes. Property owners of homes built more than 20 years ago should strongly consider upgrading their electrical fixtures to ensure that the whole electrical system is safe and remains optimally efficient. Gforce Green Electric Solutions Poway

Best Electrical Upgrades for Older Homes

Older homes need electrical upgrades to maintain a high level of electrical safety.

But since not all households have the same finances, not every homeowner could carry out all needed electrical upgrades at once. Below are some of the most crucial upgrades, homeowners of older homes should consider:

Electrical wiring upgrade

Electrical wiring such as aluminum and knob and tube wiring is now considered outdated. These could get frayed and could give way to electrical injuries and accidents. Moreover, this type of wiring cannot accommodate electrical safety upgrades as mandated in the National Electrical Code which includes safer power receptacles. Older electrical wiring is also not robust enough to handle the ever-increasing power demand of this generation – modern appliances, increase in the number of devices, plus constant usage is too heavy a demand for older wiring to accommodate. Breakers and fuses

Power receptacle updates

The National Electrical Code is requiring homes to have a GFCI or Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter outlets in areas where water could get into appliances or the power outlet itself. These areas include the bathrooms and the kitchen. Homeowners should strongly consider having their outlets in these rooms replaced with what is required by the NEC. Ceiling Fan Installation

Moreover, the NEC strongly recommends the use of Tamper Resistant Receptacles or TRR in all homes. Older homes should upgrade to TRRs especially if children are living in that house. Unlike traditional power outlets, TRRs are tamper-proof, and will shut down in the event children would try to play with the outlet. Gforce Green Electric Solutions

Breaker Panel Upgrades

If the house still utilizes a fuse box instead of a breaker panel, then it is high time that the homeowner has it replaced with a breaker panel. Fuse boxes are not as safe as breaker panels as it is not as sensitive enough as modern breakers that could cut power right away into a malfunctioning circuit. This is crucial since cutting off power in a line could mean the difference between life and death.