Electrical Safety

Whole House Safety Inspections

Electrical Safety San DiegoPeriodic Electrical Safety Inspections are essential in maintaining a home that is safe from the dangers of electrical shock, and electric related incidents and injuries such as fires and burns. We at Green Electric Solutions offer periodic electrical maintenance inspections for the whole home to ensure safety and prevent inconveniences related to electrical issues.

A full-home safety inspection will always be beneficial, especially when carried out on an at least annual basis so that concerns can be nipped in the bud, and damage to property and injuries can be prevented. Improper use and installations, sub-standard materials, as well as usual wear and tear are just some of the areas that we check even in a relatively newer home. Rodent and human damage are also likely causes of wiring and electrical concerns that cause power outages, inconveniences, and even surges that may damage appliances and other electronic devices.

Catching electrical issues early on before they get blown-out of proportion will also minimize the financial damage that it can cause. Apart from scheduling annual checks, when are you supposed to request electrical safety inspections?

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Here are the scenarios:

  1. When moving to an older home. The electrical fixtures may already be outdated, and the capacity of electrical supply may be less than what you actually need.
  2. When purchasing a new home. Even relatively newer houses may have electrical issues, hence it is in your best interest to have a certified electrician look through the electrical fixtures in the home that you are eyeing to buy. During this periodic check, the electrician will inspect the electrical panel, the wirings, the outlets, as well as the other fixtures in the home which may possibly become electrical issues in the future. Should the electrician’s evaluation reveal that a rewiring is needed or a panel upgrade is due, then you may mention this to your agent so that he or she can make necessary arrangement with the property seller.
  3. When you are remodeling a home. A safety inspection will be needed as you renovate your current home so that you will be informed whether your panel can still handle the additional demand in electricity the renovation may bring about. They will also check existing outlets, circuits and wirings to ensure that the home is adhering to the National Electric Code guidelines.
  4. When selling a property. As a responsible property seller, you should also see to it that an appropriate electrical maintenance check is carried out even before putting up your property for sale. This is to help maintain the value of your home (homes with electrical concern tend to be discounted) and at the same time be able to answer all the questions of your property agent, and prospective buyers.

What happens during a safety inspection?

Our certified electricians will walk through your whole premises to find out if there are electrical issues within your residential property. Our electrician will check your electric panel, your wirings, your circuits, your switches, the outlets, as well as the appliances that you usually use round-the-clock like air conditioning units, refrigerators and the like. Our electrician will ensure that everything is running smoothly and that there are no electrical issues in the offing.

Our certified green electric solutions electrician shall also test electrical loads in your breaker to ensure that overloading does not take place. More importantly, we will inspect and evaluate if your home is complying with the NEC Guidelines. Our electricians are abreast with the latest electrical codes to ensure the safety of all the properties that we work on. At Green Electric Solutions, your safety is our primary concern.

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