Outdoor perimeter lighting is essential to any home. The outdoor lights illuminate the home to guide homeowners into getting in and out of their abode. At the same time, it helps in increasing the level of security within the residential property.

Moreover, outdoor lighting also helps accentuate the exterior design of the home, as well as the lawn and external landscaping.

Types of outdoor lighting

There are several types of outdoor lighting for properties. These include: Floodlights, which flood an area with lighting to prevent burglary and to fully illuminate the perimeter from a higher area; Landscape lighting which is usually either sconces or lamp lights. Smaller homes are usually partial to sconces, while those with wider lawns could opt for lamp lighting to illuminate a pathway towards the home’s main door.

Tips for Safe Outdoor Lighting at Home

Motion Sensor lighting on the other hand provides perimeter security and convenient lighting, without consuming unnecessary electricity. As its name suggests, it only turns on once it detects motion, which is perfect when arriving towards the front porch or garage, or in preventing crime. Gforce Green Electric Solutions

Spotlights on the other hand accentuate a specific area in the lawn or within the exterior of the house itself. Either it is the exterior design of the property that is being accentuated or a focal point of the landscaping.

Tips for safer outdoor lighting

To ensure the safety of outdoor lighting, homeowners should choose outdoor-rated lighting and fixtures. This means that the electrical contraptions like receptacles and light bulbs that will be used for outdoor lighting are weather-resistant and can survive harsh weather conditions such as winter storms, intense summer heat, and constant rains. About Us

The quality of the bulbs and electrical fixtures matter as well. Make sure to buy only from trusted stores and beware of knock-offs sold for significantly cheap prices online. String or holiday lights must also have an outdoor safety label. If there is a need to use extension cords, make sure that these are weatherproof and outdoor rated as well. Homeowners should likewise refrain from putting flammable materials next to light bulbs as these might ignite and start a fire. Ceiling fan installation

Lastly, to ensure safety and correct installation, hire a licensed residential electrician to carry out the whole installation procedure. When replacing the light bulbs, make sure to not overlamp a fixture. Use the right bulb wattage for each fixture to avoid electrical accidents.