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Apprenticeship is a very integral part in the road to becoming a licensed electrician. (Photo Credits)

The term apprentice electrician maybe common, but not everyone fully understand what the term means, and what such a career entails.

The website Electrician Apprenticeship Headquarters described what an electrician apprentice does, and what their duties and responsibilities are. The information was aimed at guiding those interested to become one to pursue licensure. American Lighting Association           

“Apprentice Electricians are required to take a certain amount of academic courses each year. The amount varies between each licensing agency; this is usually a state requirement. Topics of training can include electrical theory, blueprint reading, National Electrical Code updates, and OSHA safety. In some apprenticeships the apprentices also learn first aid, study local and state building electrical codes. Specialized training in areas such as welding, communications, or fire alarm systems can lead to acquiring other certifications which increases the apprentices value.”

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What should apprentice electricians accomplish?

The website also came out with an explanation on what apprentice electricians do and what is expected of their training. The informative guide also included the requirements an apprentice should possess before he can qualify for apprenticeship. Master Electrician

“Apprenticeships typically last between four and five years. Each year, apprentices complete at least 2,000 hours of training on the job and 144 hours of classroom training. Those who have completed high school or vocational school training may receive credit for their training. Apprentices must work under the direct supervision of a licensed electrician.”

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The website Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities also shared some information on how to become an apprentice electrician. In their guide, they explained the steps on how to get into an apprenticeship.

“A common first step in learning how to become an electrician apprentice is to apply with the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)—the national voice of the electrical construction industry, committed to bettering the industry through research, education, advocacy, and standards development. The NECA sponsors over 300 joint training apprenticeship programs, and can allow electrical apprentices to earn a wage while gaining industry-standard skills and knowledge.”

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Being an apprentice electrician is one of the major steps into acquiring that license to practice being an electrician as a profession.

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